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Close Late…Open Early

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I was on one of my commutes to work at 5 am or so and made it into the parking lot of my routine QT stop. I went inside, and poured my Mountain Dew from the fountain, a 24 oz Italian Roast coffee, and a pack of Marlboro Mediums. I told the clerk to have good remainder of his shift and went outside. At 5:30 am it’s dark outside. The roads are fairly quiet. I put my beverages inside the car and proceed with my normal smoke standing outside the car.

Considering there isn’t a whole lot going on at this time of morning, I am particulary drawn by the newer bright flashing marquee of coffee shop/pharmacy (I could never figure out this joint venture myself). The interior lights are off, but my guess was that with the amount of juice this marquee was using, there wasn’t a whole lot left for anything inside. I began paying closer attention to the words racing and flashing across the display…

“Close Late (flash flash flash)”

Followed by a scrolling “Open Early”.

I looked at my watch. 5:25 am. The first thought through my head was Evidently not…

I really thought about this for awhile. Close late….open early….yet, I missed it. I was standing outside of business that clearly chose the wrong hours to have such a small window of time set aside to matter. I went back to my car and took out my cup of coffee, raised it in a toast to the misadvertised shop. I could have probably bought better coffee there. I opted for what was open when i needed it…and I saved $2 over what it would have cost if I would have been there during their larger window of intended advertising hours.

If one were to take a look around and notice some of the signs we have dealt with for literally generations, you may notice flukes and some questionable content onsigns that leave a lot of room for open interpretation. The ones that come to mind:

“XYZ Company Parking Only. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense.”

The way I read this is that if you park in this lot and are not affiliated with this company, your car will be towed and the owner of the company (or property management) will pay for your towing expenses. So, exactly how is this a deterrant?

 “Off Limits”

I have pondered this one for years. I know what it means. But when you really break it down into two words, it really says that there are no limits. There are no lines to be crossed, no gray areas…you are free to roam without restrictions beyond these doors. I don’t get it.

“No first payment…”

I am waiting to see someone take this one and run with it. This one is usually seen or heard with car dealerships advertisements. Also sometimes included is a “no last payment”. Here’s the problem with this one. When I go to the dealer and buy the car…their intention is that you can skip your first payment and just start with your second payment. The way it is advertised tells me that I will never have to make a car payment on that car…ever. It doesn’t matter if they want me to start with the 2nd payment, the 6th  payment or the 24th payment. If the 2nd  payment is the first of that series…well, according to that ad, I don’t have to make it. If I skip the 1st two months and now have the third month due…it would still be the first…and again, according to the ad, I don’t have to send it because it’s the first payment.

Check back on the post sometimes, as I will add more to it as I find them…or remember them.

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Early morning drive commuting

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Okay, so my job requires me to be at work at 6am on Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays. I live in the country just around 28 miles away which means on the average I need to be up between 4am-4:30am depending on whether we had any significant snow the night before.  It is during this drive time that most of my rants hit me.

Generally the rants seem to revolve around the same few topics:

  • Deer
  • The car driving in front of me at 5 am
  • The car driving behind me at 5 am
  • Business practices

Some other topics that I may write about that are in my life:

  • My kids
  • The Lady I Married – This is how I refer to the Lady that recently handed me divorce papers
  • My dog
  • Coworkers (which I think may have their names changed to protect them)

On my drives into work, I normally stop in at a Quik-Trip (QT) to pick up a pack of cigarettes, refill my 52oz cup with Mountain Dew (my lifeline), and sometimes a cup of coffee.

Additional topics may include the town I live in because I think there are only around 800 people that live in it. It’s literally a one traffic light town.  That light is only in place for the kids to have a safe area to cross the highway to get to school. It’s an older town that is rich in history. There is an annual Fish Fry at one of the churches during Lent. This will be worth writing about later as I always seem to be pretty well tanked by the time I get through the 1 hour wait in line. I also have a good friend that owns a wine shop near the traffic light in town. We don’t have a police department, but instead the Washington County Sherriff’s Office lends some its finest to us for emergencies. The Fire Department is Volunteer (and has its own website). We have 2 bars (3 if you count the American Legion), 1 eatery, 2 gas stations, a drive through coffee stand (that doesn’t accept debit cards – cash only), a library (that is only open for a few weekends in June if I remember correctly) that also doubles as the meeting place for city council meetings. We have an elementary school and a high school (that is very proud of its football team). What we don’t have that every other city in America has is McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, or Walgreens. In fact, we don’t have any fast food or pharmacy. It’s a 9 mile drive North to Blair for them or a 17 mile drive South to Omaha where there are plenty to choose from. You can have a map of Omaha and throw a dart at it…odds are the dart will hit within a block of either one of those businesses. We do have a US Post Office where the girls know me by first name and on sight. This is partially because I am in there so often for eBay shipping and picking up. I may be the only person to ever ship items to Australia & Lithuania from it.

I think that may be it for now. I am waiting for my friend at the wine shop to come in so that we can go over her newsletter content that I will be doing, and for some sagely female advice about some other topics. I may be back on here later tonight to start some of the previous rants about some of the above topics before I forget about them.

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Here we go…

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Okay, I have been persuaded by coworkers to start blogging. It seems my rants every morning, opinions throughout the day and some daily comments have been deemed worthy enough to start blogging.

The goal is to use this as a medium to assist me in my upcoming project in writing my first book. I seem to have trouble getting into the start of writing, and this is hopefully going to spark the creative muse that seems to have departed my life several years ago.

I apologize early on. The writings may be a little rough, but the goal here is to try to write enough that it all comes back to me on how to write well like I once did.   ( tknzy )

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