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F-R-A-U-D…what one person called me…lol

I received a comment from someone last night that for some reason posted it in my About Me section instead of the front pages here. I wanted to take a chance to respond to this person’s comments, so I am doing so in a post.

“Regarding your post on the RS article on the Westroads mall massacre I have one question: Did you train at Fox News?

The reason I ask is that, like Fox, you “question” a lot with nothing more than speculation and assmption as a basis. Since your forum here allow you, more or less, unlimited space to fill in the details and facts behind your “questions”, the lack thereof spells f-r-a-u-d.

Also, you seem to take personal offense that the author is critical of the Omaha area and its people. Well, don’t sweat it too terribly much. Really bad things happen pretty much everywhere. Your community shares no more guilt regarding this incident than any other community shares for the scads of bad things that happen all the time elsewhere. Regardless, it is important to try to understand what happened and why. – dj”

Actually I don’t spend a lot of time watching television. My life is too busy this year to do so.

I have been involved with some form of journalism since high school either as a writer or a photographer. To date myself that would a period that covers 19 years. In the military I was an intelligence analyst for 6 years with additional skill trainings in cryptography and a crash course on interrogation. Currently I am a fraud analyst for a well known internet company. My job for years has been to dissect information presented with strict attention to detail in order to find the inconsistancies as well as the patterns. I’m sadly cursed with this.

Your accusation of fraud does not make sense. I’m not claiming to have the answers. I’m not luring people in with false promises. This is my blog which is pretty much unlimited space. I can discuss whatever I want here, whether it is objective facts, personal observations, or conclusions. I have enough background over my years to safely say I know how to draw conclusions. You obviously have unanswered questions about the shootings, or you wouldn’t have come to this site. You also don’t trust your own opinions or thoughts on the subject, or you wouldn’t have clicked through. It strikes me more as an attempt to see if I really would publish someone’s comment that doesn’t even slightly support what i say. I am ok with that. The only part of your comment that talks about the shooting is the opening line.

If you truly understood my writings, as well as followed my comments on the RS site, you would understand why I have been writing these entries and comments.

Mark Boal is an irresponsible greedy writer. I don’t think I am even going to give him any credit as being a journalist. RS made some poor business decisions in running the story the way did. Period.

As I have said before. I agree with profiling killers in order to study and learn from their past in the name of science. I also believe that the investigative reporting and ultimate written conclusions should be as objective and complete as possible. Mark Boal stopped at the halfway mark. If you can’t finish the job correctly….then don’t do it. Out of respect for the people that have been impacted that day in December, don’t do it.

Yes these things happen everywhere. I’m sure you have your share of events in Memphis as well. I’m not naive that way. Communities pull through them. Things of this magnitude don’t happen in Omaha all that often. Yes people get killed here (my grandfather was a Methodist Minister who was murdered here 9 years ago). We have a certain amount of pride here. Most people that live here, actually want to live here. If you are from the bigger cities, unfortunately you are calloused towards crime and violence. You get up brush it off, and stumble upon your way waiting to see what the next corner brings. You choose that life. We in Omaha, did not choose that life. We have never dealt with that level of tragedy within these city limits. I feel that we did a great job in getting back up, brushing ourselves off and then deciding as a community to move forward. Last I knew, there was not a copy of Community Recovery From Tragedy for Dummies available. For Mark Boal to hold up his Olympic scorecard on our performance (“Bob, we seem to have some trouble with the Yugoslavian judge”) is ludicrous. Mark, if we sucked at recovery, then you should have found out why instead of throwing the comments out there and then not backing them up with actual facts. Would have made a difference if you were actually here those following weeks and for Von Maur’s reopening. You’d realize some of what you wrote was not true. I sure hope you didn’t take Molly’s input on what happened – she snowed you bad.

DJ, I think you meant well, and your post I assure you was reread several times. I even called some people I know and read it to them. I could not figure out what exactly your point was, nor could they. It almost seems like you deleted some sentences out in between some of the lines, but forgot to adjust the rest of what you said to make sure it made sense. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and good luck to you.

  1. Jim
    01/17/2009 at 09:24

    Your post about Molly Rodriguez is fascinating. Cases like this are best analized by people who think things through thoroughly. I will agree with you that Ms. Rodriguez is not really a responsible person. However, its a huge overassumption to think that she would be evil enough to encourage her own son’s suicide. There was no gain for her in her son’s possible suicide. She was hospitalized after the whole ordeal. You did present some detail i was unaware of, and I googled the rolling stones article. From what I have read, I think Ronald and Candace Hawkins bear more blame due to exposing the boy to violence and also in motivating Molly to give up her visitation rights. This whole case is an example of how kids get so very lost in patterns of divorce and remarriage. My mother, rest her soul, was a victim of such remarriage by her father’s side and did get left out. One point not to be forgotten, Robbie himself must take the lions share of the blame, although his upbringing was a huge factor in this scenario.

  2. Jim
    01/17/2009 at 09:27

    One more point I forgot to mention, part of the emotional problems of Jeffrey Dahmer occured when his divorcing parents fought bitterly over his younger siblings–but thought at 18, Jeffrey’s custody was not an issue. Perhaps feelings of not being wanted by your parents can possibly lead to future violence.

  3. Ty
    01/17/2009 at 20:19

    I appreciate the visit and the time you took to post your comments. I always welcome what others have to say.

    I see what you are saying regarding the overassumption, but Molly’s inconsistancies in her stories for the last 12 months (particularly the ones regarding her own actions prior to the shootings are what are raising my eyebrows.

    She would gain peace of mind knowing that she would know longer fear her life or her daughters’ lives.

    She seems to be covering something up, and with her not being able to stick with a story close enough where the inconsistancies are seemingly the most important moments, that tells me that she had a plan of some sort (whether suicide or not) but the events unfolded too quickly for her to be able to really think through what she wanted to tell people to remove herself from being involved or able to intervene.

    Thanks again for coming by!

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