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Possible Theory Regarding Molly Rodriguez

Recalling that Molly invited Robbie over for dinner December 4th, stated that they had steak and shrimp that night. Molly claims it was for a celebration of finishing her autobiography. I have strong gut feeling that the autobiography wasn’t finished until long after December 5th.

She told one reporter that she noticed the gun missing from the closet after he left from dinner and drugs on Dec 4th. She then later told another reporter that it was the next morning. Molly is cited as saying that she did not tust Robbie, and even feared her own safety at times when he was around. Yet, Molly takes her daughters shopping for a bit, leaving Robbie at the house by himself. When she returns, he is gone…and so is the gun.

Molly comes across as someone that has always needed an easy way to have a lifestyle that is always one notch above her financial reality. I believe she may have been running out of options for her sugar daddies.

My theory is this:

Molly realized that Robbie was beyond help and control in his life. He was using drugs, drinking, selling drugs and who knows what else. Molly was never really part of his life until recently, and I believe that when she realized just how far out of reach Robbie was, she began to have some doubts as to re-establishing a relationship with him. Given his unpredictable nature and history of drug usage, she needed to find a way out.

Knowing the last few months, Robbie was suicidal, I think she may have opened up some doors to allow him to go through with it. Molly was around the military for several years, and those that are in the military or are married into military at some point find out about the routine of deployment and war. It is customary the night before going into a war zone or battle to serve troops steak and sometimes shrimp as a last meal, in the event that the soldier does not return from battle.

I believe Molly invited Robbie over for dinner that night, feeding him steak and shrimp. After dinner, she offers to get high with him, and in some course of the evening, starts a conversation about her ex being in Thailand and not returning for awhile. Maybe a mention of how the guns were left in the closet with ammo making her uncomfortable. She does this to start planting the ideas into Robbie’s head as to a method to end his problems. She doesn’t clearly come right out and say it to him. Robbie is intelligent enough as a survivor of the streets and system, to recognize opportunity. Molly knew he would do this on his own.

She then takes her daughters shopping for a couple hours, knowing that Robbie is at her house, fed, stoned, suicidal, and able to get to an assault rifle with ammo. I believe she came home expecting to find Robbie had killed himself while she was shopping. This would put her fears and guilt to rest, as well as solve Robbie’s problems of having such a rough life already at such a young age, and society wouldn’t have to keep paying to become the repeat victim to his antics. (I write this solely as a possible point of view of molly, not my own personal views).

I also think that there may have been an exchange of words between Robbie and Molly just before she left for shopping. Something said that made Robbie realize that he was homeless and destitute. Yet, she was going shopping, he was not going to be going. I don’t know if he was invited, or not, but i don’t see that it was an option for him. I think this slap in the face of his situation in life, followed by Molly taking her daughter shopping for new things, leaving Robbie behind stoned and with nothing, could have been the trigger behind changing his mind of killing himself, to killing holiday shoppers in an upscale shopping environment. I also believe this is why she made a point to check for the gun after she returned home from her shopping trip. She was checking to see if the seed planted around dinner was going to start to grow.

Clearly Molly wasn’t expecting this change of events. I think she was hoping he would only  be taking his own life. When she realized that she had not received any news of his suicide, she decided to go to the sherriffs office the next morning to cover her ass and seperate herself as an accessory to the crime. Now she appears as the concerned mom to law enforcement. She also had placed calls to Robbie’s friends, telling them to tackle him if they saw him. My question is, how and why did she have their phone numbers? Was she dealing drugs to them?

Now with Robbie’s death and taking the lives of so many others that next day, this put the family into the public eye. Molly has been willing to sacrifice any sense of pride and deceny of herself by writing an auto biography. If she could stay in the lime light long enough until she finished it, she could land a deal and make more money then she ever imagined. I believe this, because there is no mention about the book until Rolling Stone’s interview in August 2008. I didn’t find any reference to a celebration writing a book the night before the murders in any other journalist account.

Again, these are all my own speculations and analysis. As a venue to deliver opinions, this blog is solely my own opinion and is unfounded as fact at this time.

  1. Gerard Lovell
    03/04/2009 at 11:30

    Dear TKNZY,

    Do you when or if Molly Rodrigues’s autobiography will be published?

    • Ty
      03/04/2009 at 16:17

      Thanks Gerard for stopping by.

      No I don’t know when it will be published. I was informed that there is one written, but don’t know if she pursued publishing or not. I know that if it does get published, I won’t be buying a copy. I’ll check it out from the library or find it on eBay or somewhere. I won’t contribute money to her lifestyle.

      Thanks again.

  2. Anonymous
    04/10/2012 at 22:17

    Hello. I would just like to inform you that your analysis is COMPLETELY wrong. I’m Robert’s half-sister Valencia. I was there that night. Also, the only reason we went shopping is because I realized at the last minute that Kira (my sister) and I needed to buy gifts for a charity function we signed up for and they were due the next day. As I said, it was last minute , therefore not planned at all. Secondly, he wasn’t high when we left him. Nobody smoked that night at all. Nobody got high. We all ate and talked. Although Robert was clearly depressed that night, my mom had no underlying motives of encouraging him to take his own life. There are several more points to your argument that I’d like to refute, but it’s all just inaccurate, poorly-researched garbage. It’s offensive to everybody involved. There’s so much you and everybody else do NOT know about what happened throughout the course of Robert’s life up until December 5th. My mother and I don’t talk, and although I don’t think a lot of her parenting, she NEVER wished Robert to take his own life. She struggles with her own psychological shortcomings, but she’s not so depraved as to put an idea like that into his head, hoping he would go through with killing himself. The fact that you would even let your mind accept this stupid theory as a possibility is depraved in itself. I don’t normally respond to things on the internet regarding the death of my half-brother, but I feel like at some point, people need to be more aware of what they’re putting out for everybody to see. Especially something as inaccurate as this. I realize this is old, but I still came across it. So in the case that someone sees this after this point in time, I hope they realize how very non sequitur your “analysis” is. Thanks for your time.


    • Ty
      04/11/2012 at 00:21

      I appreciate your dropping by Valencia. To show how much I appreciate your feedback on this, I approved and published your comments. I have published every comment I have received on this with the exception of one, and only because they asked that I didn’t publish it.

      As I stated in the last line of my entry, it is opinion and unfounded. I welcome anything else that you wish to give insight to, but realize that my writings about this were originally sparked by the ridiculous article ran by Rolling Stone. I saw Molly’s interview with Dr Phil, where even he backed her into several corners.

      You can only speak about what you observed that night, but like me, can only speculate what you believe may or may not have happened after you left the house. We will never know some aspects of this scenario…such as what was truly going through your brother’s mind that night. We may not know if he got high after you left.

      I hadn’t planned on writing this journal entry, but I did because I felt compelled too. My ex-wife, an Omaha police officer working security for the Presidential visit was one of the officer’s on scene that afternoon. I felt attached.

      I originally considered writing a book about it, but once I started seeing the interviews, and lack of a trail of facts as to Robbie’s events, I realized that all there really is with this is speculation. We don’t have enough information here to share with the public to possibly prevent this from happening again. Every time that you don’t speak up when you read this on the internet, you push it that much more into the darkness…I invite you…please tell us more…explain how I’m wrong and shed some light…this is a venue of opinion and I welcome yours.


      • Anonymous
        04/11/2012 at 13:01

        You’re right. There’s a lot that I don’t know about this too. I was only fourteen, and coping with something that horrific was beyond my comprehension. Putting every piece together is nearly impossible for any one person seeking an explanation. From experience, I know my mom has never been a shining example of psychological health. The circumstances of heredity and life experiences were adverse to her, as they were for my brother. I never found it useful to blame anybody for what happened. My mom blamed Robert’s dad and countless other people, people blamed my mom, people blamed my dad, people hated Robert… But what for? It only makes everything more difficult to make sense of. It’s a step backwards. My dad shouldn’t have left his gun there without securing it. My mom shouldn’t have acted the way she did towards Robert at times. Robert’s dad shouldn’t have let Robert become victim to instability in foster care while he was already struggling with PTSD. Maybe I shouldn’t have waited last minute to remind my mom to go shopping, leaving Robert an opportunity to take the gun. The point is, making sense of a tragedy shouldn’t end in blame. It should end in forgiveness. I regret that my brother took eight lives and ended his own, but I hope people can realize that hating him or whoever else will only keep perpetuating the cause of tragedies.

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