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I’m Going to be in a Film

I made my film debut last night. A friend of mine, Jimmie, has been working for weeks on an independent film for a film competition. He called me up last week and asked if I had any black clothes…jeans, shirt, the works. I used to work security, so naturally I do. He asked if I would help with one of their scenes, except I would also be wearing a gas mask. He asked if I had one of those. Couldn’t say that I did. I had no idea I had left such crucial information off of my resume, I wondered how many other film roles I may have missed out on…

Anyways, he located the gas mask, which after several years in the Army, I was completely at ease wearing, however there was still a hint of tear gas residue left in it. I knew where the mask came from on loan, so it really didn’t surprise me.

Luckily, I also spent many hours in the military running the tear gas chambers for training. I eventually could go in without a mask and just a short sleeve shirt instead of the full chemical gear. Yes it burned my skin and my nose would run, back of my throat would feel like melting sand paper with a touch of black pepper, but I eventually figured out out how to breathe in it. Let me tell you, if you are the type that needs coffee by the gallon in the morning to wake up…I have found that a good 8 am cloud of tear gas in unventilated room can work wonders for alertness.

My part was small, but it turned out to be crucial. If I wasn’t there to hand the key to the main character….well, let me just say, they would have probably found someone else to do it.

We shot the 10 second scene probably 15 times from different angles and points of view, then I was able to be graced with watching them film the final scene of the whole film. It was really a neat process and the first time I have ever been on a “set” (trails in the woods at a state park) before. I would love to do it again. I asked Jimmie if I now qualified to be a member of Screen Actors Guild. He laughed, said he believed so and that he would sign whatever validation papers I would need…

I’m extrememly happy that my friend recognized that only I with my extensive background in the industry (of wearing black clothes and able to have a gas mask on my head for an hour) qualified me as THE perfect candidate for this important segment of the film.

…I asked that if I got a credit in the film, I wanted to be known as “Guy With 12 Hairs”…maybe they will let me Host an awards show now…

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  1. Julie
    11/10/2008 at 21:41

    “I’ve got nothing”

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