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I was at a karaoke night at a bar last night where I was recruited by a guy named John, I believe to help with a song. I was unfortunately sitting the closest to John when he started the song “Rolling Down the River”. At least that’s what i think the song is called. That’s all I remember about the song when it was over with. John had warned me in the opening of the music that he may ask me to help him if he “ran out of gas”. I haven’t heard my voice through a microphone at a bar in over 6 years. I also have no idea who John  is

Sure enough 3/4 of the way through the song, you could hear John sputtering, knocking, wheezing as he approached the hill to the gas station. The man was totalling gracing us with his artistic rendition of Elvis in the later years. If you closed your eyes for a moment and listened to him…you would swear…that he was never going to stop, but removing the visual from the live voice that was only 5 feet away from as he gyrated and disco’d his way to Planet John Stardom seemed to be a little more tolerable. John seemed to have fun, and that’s all that really matters. I can’t criticize too much, as I didn’t get up and sing at all.

I have sang karaoke. When I am in regular practice of it, I have been told that I can do a pretty good job with some of the country artists like Chris Cagle, Gary Allen, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney.

Since Omaha has switched to a smoke free city (no smoking in any establishment – at all) I went outside to light one up. While out there, I had walked into the middle of a discussion between an intoxicated girl and her husband (I believe) regarding the current Presidential campaign. She was absolutely against Obama winning, but yet she didn’t seem to care much for McCain either. The discussion geared towards what would happen first…first black President, or first female President. I think we could solve this debate really fast if we could get a qualified black female President.

Seriously folks. Who cares?

Who cares if the next President is black, white, green, purple male, female, gay, bi, straight, religious, agnostic, atheist, blind, deaf, handicapped or not?

Who cares what state they are from, what church they attended, how many people they slept with in high school, whether they did drugs, whether they have a college degree or not?

The position of President of the United States should be won by the person that is most qualified to do the job. Regardless of what may come with that package.

I think of how many good candidates there probably are out there that decided not to try to run because maybe their past is a little questionable. So be it. Honestly, over the last 40 years, what President has not had something controversial come up while in office? These are the same people that while running for office maybe had slightly tinged career history, maybe immaculate reputations, but did it matter? Not really in the end. Maybe we should consider letting someone into office that has a questionable past more than what has been in there so far. Someone that has had a chance to get all of the crap out of their system..

My Sergeant Major in my unit Fort Riley, KS once told me “There isn’t a great Sergent Major in the Army that i know of that hasn’t had a few Article 15’s in their career.” I loved that he said that because it made sense. (If you aren’t familiar with this, and Article 15 is a form military code enforecement that can lead to dock in pay, extra duty, loss of rank, etc depending on the severity of what the reprimand was for.)

I heard this girl at the bar make a comment regarding how she isn’t registered to vote, never has voted, but freely admits she has opinions about the government. This I disagree with. If you do not vote, you have no right to complain about the government. The only exception to this would be students under 18 years old because they can’t vote.

This goes inline with my belief that if you have a complaint about something, that is fine. Until you can find a sensible way to solve that problem that you have the complaint with, then keep it to yourself. I have been doing this at work for a few years, and it works wonders when it comes to getting stuff accomplished. That is another reason I have this blog…it’s a place to bounce some of those ideas around. You should try it…

  1. KT
    09/08/2008 at 14:43

    Now come on…really? was the karaoke that bad…lol…okay, yes it was. it is amazing the way your mind will wander in certain directions…from Karaoke to Politics.

  2. 09/21/2008 at 14:48

    I’ve heard this before and I’ve debated it with one of the finest minds I’ve come across in recent years. (Doesn’t say much, I know)

    The issue is- Don’t complain if you don’t vote.

    My answer is- If you vote, you shouldn’t be complaining about anything. You’ve already lost yourself in a system that doesn’t truly exist anymore.

    The people do not choose the president. At best, it is chosen by a select group of people who can base their vote on a whim… worst… it is chosen by those with enough money, power and influence to do whatever they want.

    You can call me a conspiracy theorist, but the truth is, that label is designed to downplay any sensible disputes with the status quo. Tell me honestly that Bush fairly won his two elections… c’mon… do it…


    Tell me that the Iraq war is totally justified and that 9-11 came out of nowhere. Tell me that we are not at a point where we could stop our reliance on foreign oil and that we cannot, as yet, switch to an alternative fuel source.


    The worst part of it is, it’s NOT a conspiracy led by the Illuminati. Hell, that I could respect! It’s a bunch of rich people and old families just doing whatever they can to stay in power and stay rich. It’s the simplest and truest answer there is… greed.

    That’s the highest echelon, but we don’t live there. We live on the third rung up from the bottom of the ladder. For us, it’s about a bunch of people who earn just a little more than us but want to act like they roll with the big dogs. Or it’s the ultra conservatives who wear their secret shame on the inside like an internal mask, occasionally letting it out just enough to cause scandal and gossip.

    These people control everyone and everything not through some plan, but by a communal fear and jealousy, a basic greed and desire to cast an illusion of order on a sick, sad world that they’ve created out of once great ideals. They don’t know they are doing it… they fool themselves into thinking that they’re trying to “help” ignorant masses like us.

    So.. tell me my vote matters. Tell me that by taking part of a rigged system (that at the first part of the last century ALLOWED people to literally BUY votes) I am somehow making a difference. Tell me that any of the puppets who run for office have ANY real qualifications for being the president of a country that claims to be the greatest on earth…


    I agree with you that you cannot complain if you don’t do what you can to make things better. But for me, voting just isn’t it. Not until there are 40+ Ernie Chambers’ out there, shaking up the system enough for Stewart/Colbert to run. For me, I just raise my kids to be the best that they can be, to see through the lies and help others to do so… so that one day… maybe they can figure out a way to make a real difference.

    Other than that… I make art. Or at least I’m trying. I just want to raise awareness and rally the “troops.” I do believe in the ideals this country spews out… but not those people who are meant to enforce them. I do support those who would stand up for America… I just want them to know that the country is flawed and needs to be fixed, not applauded and coddled like a retarded kid who managed to drink his milk without spilling it.

    Maybe I’m just old and pessimistic… but to me… a vote is kind of like going to church and listening to some Priest give a sermon. God might care in theory, but it’s not really going to do you any good. What you need to do is live right and encourage others to do so as well.

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