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Mountain Dew – Battery Acid For Your Teeth

Anyone that has known me for over 6 months knows how much I love Mountain Dew. It’s not the caffeine, as i can get that from Dr Pepper, coffee, etc. It truly is the taste.

I recently learned of some information that i am discovering, not many people are aware of. Consider this a Public Service Announcement.

My ex went to the dentist last month and left with the news that she had more cavities than she realized. This was mildly surprisng to me, as she is a twice a day brusher and takes care of her teeth. She enlightens me on the conversation.

Dentist: You drink Mountain Dew don’t you? Prbably more than the average person…?

Ex: Yeah, I do, why?

Dentist: We can tell by looking at your teeth. We actually have a term for it in the industry. It’s called Mountain Dew Mouth.

I was very surprised to hear this. It seems that mountain Dew is the only beverage that leaves a distinct signature mark on teeth when consumed regularly. I don’t know how the technical aspects go, but if anyone is a dentist or assistant, please feel free to leave a comment explaining this to others.

Basically they told her that it has something to do with the sugar content and the Ph level. It works its way into your gumline, and the Ph attacks your enamel. Deterioting it overtime. Then the sugars go to work. They advised her that it is the equivalent of battery acid for your teeth. They advised if you must drink a soda beverage and want the caffeine, to drink Diet Dr. Pepper. Far less sugars and a Ph level that your mouth can handle. Surprisingly I have found that this is the only Diet soda that I am able to tolerate.

I almost didn’t believe this, until I thought of my own teeth. I have a couple cavities as well. I hate going to the dentist. I did some internet research and was amazed to find this is well documented with pictures and everything. I’m not going to post any of the pics here of other people’s choppers being victim to the drink. I will leave that up to you to explore on your own.

So needless to say, I haven’t drank Mt Dew since then. Too bad, as for me, it is an end of an era. And yes, there have been phases of withdrawal from it.

  1. Anonymous
    03/16/2009 at 21:33

    White spots are the first sign of this decay, so beware. The acids (pH) in Mt. Dew are citric acid and phosphoric acid. They eat away, or weaken, your enamel. This allows bacteria to get into your tooth and grow. You’ll notice white spot along your gum line. As the internal decay grows you’ll notice these white spots turning yellowish, then brownish, then your enamel will crack away, like an egg shell, to reveal the decay underneath. Surprise -a cavity! Be careful because this is in all soda. Mt. Dew is just the worst. Be an educated consumer. Good luck.

    • Ty
      02/10/2010 at 16:25

      Just to give an update, i have successfully managed to stay off “the Dew” for over a year now. I have only given in to 3 or 4 since then. Drinking more teas and waters, but it seems that the stuff that the industries have made taste really good out there are also the crappiest to put in your mouth…

      • Ty
        07/29/2010 at 12:52

        An additional update, I have been off of drinking soda completely for a month now. My body feels better not drinking it. I have been drinking sun teas, water and of course, my coffee…

  2. Anonymous
    02/10/2010 at 14:52

    MT DEW is bad for teeth

  3. 07/31/2010 at 03:47

    Interesting article! I never knew corn syrup, concentrated orange juice and yellow No. 5, could cause so much damage. I guess I’m out of luck with no dental insurance. Good thing I can’t afford soda anymore. Time to look for this evidence you speak about…

  4. Anonymous
    07/24/2011 at 13:42

    I’ve been wondering about DIET Mt. Dew… Anyone know?

  5. Anonymous
    07/24/2011 at 13:43

    Does anyone know about DIET Mt. Dew?

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