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Snow Removal Operators & Letters From Santa

I would like to start by making a plea to any privately owned snow plow operator or business owner out there. If you know someone in this line of work, please send the link of this to them to read.


I was driving on I-680 the other morning around 6am. The first accumulation of snow had come the day before, and the roads were in black ice risk conditions. I was in the middle lane and was driving around 50-55 mph. A little fast for the conditions, but at that moment, was one of maybe 3 cars in a block radius. I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed some headlights coming up on the inside lane very quickly. I slowed down just a bit in the event that I needed to move, thinking it may have been state patrol, or Omaha Police, maybe a Fire Chief’s Truck…

…the vehicle came closer and flew past me as if I was in Park. It wasn’t an emergency services vehicle. It was a Privately owned Snow Removal service vehicle. White Dodge Truck, extended cab, plow in front bouncing up and down . If I was doing 50, this truck had to been hitting around 70-75 mph.

Just because you carry a plow in front of you, does not make you immune to black ice spots on the road. Your vehicle is far more dangerous with that steel blade on the front. You become a mobile guillotine. I watched as this truck flew past and took some of the turns, back end of his truck slid out a little bit, but not enough for him to lose control. As I watched some more, this guy was cutting in out of traffic, no turn signals for lane changes, and then cut across to the I-80 East from 680, but did it from the 80 West ramp. He couldn’t get moved back over in time to make the change properly, but had to risk the lives of cars nearby to do so in the fashion that was done. Absolutely ridiculous.

So again, a reminder…your service is not life and death involved enough to justify driving like that. If it was, you too would have red and blue lights on your vehicles. If one of your snow plowing vehicles ever runs into mine or one that my children are in and was clearly negligent, I will own your business by the start of the next snowfall season.

Letters from Santa

Now for something a little more fun.

I have found a website that offers a chance for children (or anyone for that matter) to receive letters from Santa  that are personalized. I wish I would have found them sooner because with enough lead time, you can actually get the letters post marked from the North Pole.

Anyways, check them out here. Watch your child’s eyes light up when they get this in the mail!

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