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Goodbye Verizon….it’s you, not me….

Dear Verizon,

As I sit here looking at my LG Voyager and remember how much fun I have had texting with it, I realize that I will not miss you or your demands for money every month.

As you are aware in your systems, our relationship is over on February 4th. I wish I could say the last 2 years went quickly with you but they did not. In fact, I would like to even say it was me, and not you…but that wouldn’t be true either….

I will be upfront with you, I am leaving you for a Virgin. This Virgin is offering unlimited activity each month for only $25. The only limitation is voice at 300 minutes, but as you have learned over the years, I’m not one that is much for talking. I prefer to let my hands speak for me. In fact with this Virgin’s pricing I could have two of them and double the fun for less than I was giving to you with far less action.

So as I wait for my Optimus V Android phone to arrive at my buddy’s Radio Shack, I will be counting down the hours when I can make that phone call and let you know we are breaking up….maybe if you weren’t so arrogant and wanting to rule the air, you would have paid more attention to me….it’s almost appropriate that my phone with you is called a Voyager….cuz in a few days it’s Bon Voyage!

PS….forgot to mention…there is no extra charge to use the Andorid with Virgin…. šŸ™‚ ….how could I resist?

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