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The Best 3G Network? Really? How?

02/10/2010 Leave a comment

Am I the only one that is lost in this commercial war with AT&T vs Verizon? Is it just me or do the commercials say exactly the same thing? Your network sucks and mine is better? Doesn’t matter which commercial your watching for which company. AT&T says theirs is best and faster…Verizon says that theirs is the best and faster…the maps are the same damn maps in both of the rival’s commercials…fine print always says that the 3G Network not avail everywhere and that there may be times its not that fast…


I think there should be some sort of federal intervention with this. There are roughly 25  or so of these commercials, and they accomplish nothing for me except confusing me more. I think its a matter of them both using the same network and the same technology, its just a matter of who’s commercial you last saw and stuck in your head on the way out the door…

If you have one of those television consumer advocate investigation programs in your area, start sending this in as an idea…if they take your idea, post the links here so we can see what they all come up with. Maybe we can get some attention if 25 or so television stations investigate this topic.